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Graphic Designers and Social Media

There is a symbiotic relationship between graphic designers and social media. One can’t seem to survive without the other, and vice versa. Social media managers are finding campaigns are greatly improved through the use of graphic design. Likewise, graphic designers, whether freelancing or working through an agency are finding social media a valuable tool to finding new work and clients.

Graphic Design for Social Media Campaigns

How can graphic design can improve your social media campaigns? Consumers respond best to a first impression that includes an exciting or attention-grabbing graphic image. Tweets and text only posts often get lost in the feed. When a graphic is used consistently over many social platforms the same customer may view it several times over, this creates strong brand recognition. Tweets are 140 characters and social media is being viewed on increasingly smaller screens, so graphic design plays and increasing role in attracting the users’ attention as well as building strong brand recognition and awareness.

Let’s take a look at how adding some basic graphic design can improve a Facebook post, Which one is more appealing to you?

This Text Only Post:


This Post with a Great Image:

According to Stuart Davidson via, graphic design can help you to improve three specific things:

  • 1. EdgeRank score: EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm which decides what is displayed and how high on the News Feed. Learn more about EdgeRank.
  • 2. Engagement: How many people interact with the content (this could be ‘Liking’ it, commenting on it or sharing it).
  • 3. Virality: How many people will create their own ‘stories’ about this content?

Images hold more weight than text with EdgeRank, so adding an image automatically improves your chances of being seen within a news feed. As for engagement, the graph below shows how posts with photos are much more likely to be responded too than a text status alone. (Data courtesy of  Tracksocial)
(Data courtesy of Tracksocial)

Posts that are engaged with are much more likely to be shared on others feeds, sparking our third item, virality.

Social Media for Graphic Design

So graphic design is a vital tool in improving social media campaigns, but did you know how important social media is for graphic designers? Graphic designers can use social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Meetup to network with other creatives. There are also plenty of social networks just for graphic design too! Dribble, Deviant Art, and Behance are all social media sites where designers can explore, get inspired, and share feedback.

Using Social Media to Network

Twitter is a great way to find fellow creatives to share ideas and industry knowledge with, and it can often be a great contact point for someone who knows someone who needs help with a project. Be human and helpful, take an genuine interest in other people’s work and don’t always post about work either. It’s okay to post about hobbies, favorite sports teams and other interests once in a while too.

Instagram can show off your talents for good composition and eye for detail. Tag your photos with relevant and descriptive hashtags, and popular hashtags to make sure your photos are included in popular Instagram lists. Instagram is a great tool for inspiration!

Find creative networking meetups close by to connect with your local community. Join meet up groups (maybe even some for other hobbies and interests you have) and GO to the events! Remember everyone is there for the same reason to meet people!

Finally, consider posting images of your work to an online creative community like Dribble, Deviant Art, or Behance. Not only can these sites function as an online portfolio, they are excellent places to connect with other creative and get feedback on your work.

Teaming up with a graphic designer can greatly improve your social media content, which will increase traffic to your business site. If you are a Graphic Designer utilize social media! Network through Twitter, Instagram, and Meetup. Get your work out there on a show and tell social media site like Dribble, Deviant Art, of Behance. Social Media is a great place for designers to find a voice!

Do you have an experience where social media has helped you find a freelance job? Are you a business owner who has benefited from a graphic designer on your social media team. Please comment below! If this blog was helpful to you I hope you’ll share it or follow my future blog posts!


7 thoughts on “Graphic Designers and Social Media

  1. Hi Karen,

    As a graphic designer myself, I concur with your initial phrase stating that there is a symbiotic relationship between the work that we do and social media. However, I disagree when you declared that one can’t survive without the other. The art of graphic design started long time ago encompassing many visual materials without the help of social media. Nonetheless, I do agree that social media represents a great ally to impulse graphic designers and to engage viewers through appealing images. But if for some reason social media cease to exist (I hope not), I think that graphic design would still survive because images are the key to communicate messages through any distribution channel.

    Aside of that, thanks for providing resources for graphic designers. I am a fan of Deviant Art. Your post inspired me to look for new resources through EdgeRank, Dribble and Behance. I like the style of your blog. The images that you used are very relevant to the topic. To improve your post, consider setting the hyperlinks to open a new window instead of leaving your blog. Since you provided good content for graphic designers, I will keep following you!


    • Rachel, thanks for your insights. Yes, graphic design has been around for a long time and has survived without social media. My point was that as a graphic designer today you cannot afford to be absent from social media. It is a place where you can show your work, list your previous work experience and in general, get your name out there. Social Media is becoming increasingly visual and I believe without good graphic design it would be far less engaging or interesting. Thanks for following.


  2. Hi Rachel, Nice job with your article! You are so right about the importance of adding images. It makes an article so much more interesting to look at. Is there an optimum image size to use so that it can be viewed on any size screen?


    • Jeff, When I look for images I always shoot for high resolution. If you do a Google image search, go to search tools and then size and choose large. You can easily make an image smaller. Within social media use an image resizing tool like the one from internet marketing ninjas (see my earlier post) or resize it in Photoshop.


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