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Pinterest for Graphic Designers

One of the driving forces of social media marketing for graphic designers and creative types isn’t Facebook or Twitter, it’s Pinterest. Launched in 2009, the site had 11 million hits in one week by December, 2011. Today, Pinterest is third largest social media platform online with over 25 million unique monthly users. In 2012, Pinterest raised $100 million in funding for an international expansion and the site was valued at around $1 to $1.5 billion dollars.

Pinterest is more than crockpot recipes, craft ideas, or the dress you have you eye on, it can be a powerful tool to drive your design business. Designers everywhere are using Pinterest to creative virtual inspiration boards, but many are now beginning to harness the power of Pinterest to network, generate new business leads, and promote their business.

How Does Pinterest Work

Pinterest is a social media site and mobile app that allows it’s users to pin material they find interesting by an image found on the website. They offer a free Browser Button add on to help their users get pinning. Many websites are also using a “pin it” button as well. This is a particularly popular practice for e-commerce sites. Once pinned an image becomes searchable content on the Pinterest site. Every pin then becomes a link back to the source of the image, your website or online portfolio. You are literally pulling customers to your website through this image or pin!

How to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Remember your image is your selling point. Always make such you are using a high quality image, that is visually interesting and attention grabbing.

If you haven’t already,  add a “pin it” button to your website.

Pinterest Pinit Button

Pinterest PinIt Buttons

Optimize your account by doing some SEO. Use your “About” section to write an informative description of your expertise as a designer or your business. Use keywords, and add your website URL in your about section as well. You can improve your SEO on individual pins by adding a few keywords or and your site’s URL in your pin descriptions too.

Repin, like and comment on others pins, and follow people who follow you back, this is a great way to start building relationships with people who already have expressed an interest in your work.

Make dynamic and interesting boards. Jeff Bullas blog suggests at least 24, and interestingly he suggests the top 2 rows of your landing page are the main focus of visitors according to heat map studies so move the most relevant boards to those locations.

Use hashtags in your pin description. Like Twitter, you can use hashtags on Pinterest.

Consider using a watermark along the top or bottom of your pins to protect your intellectual property and put your brand out there.

If you have set prices for items, consider adding a price in your pin description as well.

Track your activity to provide insight. Pinterest offers free analytical tool, Pinterest Analytics, where you can track site metrics such as the number of times pins from your website were pinned, the number of times your pins appeared, and the number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest. You can also adjust the timeframe for your metrics by day, week or month as well.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll consider using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool for your business. Do you have any Pinterest hints, tricks, or success stories? If so, please post them in the comment’s section below. Was this post helpful to you? It may help someone else too! Please share this post!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest for Graphic Designers

  1. Very interesting. I know about Pinterest and have heard how it is great to share ideas, but I have never actually used it. I will definitely check it out now and see how to utilize it more. Great post and the heat map is great idea in terms of analytics.


    • Ryan, Pinterst would be a great way to market wine! Use pictures from your company site to increase traffic to your site! You could use hashtags to to link a wine pairing to a trending recipe on Pinterest. Happy pinning!


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